Chugger Valet Tray and Spin Station

Chugger Valet Tray and Spin Station

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Chugger Spin Station/Valet Tray

The Chugger Spin Station is a collaboration between Tra Designs and AltDynamic. Our goal was to utilize the iconic Chugger design to make an elegant spin station to hold a variety of tops while also doubling as a unique valet tray for your gear.

Quick Facts

  • The Chugger body is made from 6061 aluminum
  • Each Chugger body has a cutout which is lined with a high density wool felt
  • Comes with a custom designed precision 75mm diameter lens
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x .725 inches (The small purple chugger in the middle of the big ones is to scale).

Customization Options

  • Chugger is available in bare aluminum, Anodized blue, Anodized red, Anodized dark grey, Anodized black
  • For the anodized finishes, either a machine finish or bead blast (like an apple iPod) is available

Insert Color Options

  • The felt insert standard colors are available in Red, Blue, Black, Dark Grey
  • Additional insert colors: Green, Dark Blue, Light grey, orange, purple, hot pink, pink


An “Additional Color” insert can be added in addition to a “Standard Color” insert for $4.49.

Additional Standard Colors can be added for $1.99.


The option to select an Additional Color ends February 19. If you decide to add an additional insert after you place your order, please contact us to purchase. We will add it to your order.