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Small design studio, big designs.


Solid of Constant Width

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A full throttle reinvention of your everyday carry gear and lifestyle.

We design exquisite products we love, and hope you do as well.

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Where art and math collide.


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Qubit Spinner

An elegant, CNC machined, minimalist pocket sculpture with tungsten carbide and stainless steel accents.  



The Vortex is a bead and miniature spin station! Designed to look exceptional on any keychain or lanyard, yet also functional with a concave face for spinning tops. Machined from titanium and Damascus titanium. 


Revolver Bead

A multi-part bead with a built-in bearing, these revolver beads can spin with a lanyard running through it! The Revolver Bead with its tight tolerances, intricate details and hand finishing is our most complicated bead yet!



AltDynamic X TRA Designs team up on a machined aluminum Chugger valet tray and spin station.

We help brands develop new concepts, and re-amp current ones.