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Möbius Strip

A single sided, continuous surface reimagined


A full throttle reinvention of your everyday carry gear and lifestyle.

We take great pride in designing products with exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to the details.

Some Features

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Moment Spinner

A Perfectly Balanced 1-Spoke flywheel

Moment Spinner AltDynamic.jpg


Solid of Constant Width

PentaOrbiform Cover crop.jpg


Where art and math collide.


AltDynamic Orbiform Copper, Brass, Steel.JPG

Qubit Spinner

An elegant, CNC machined, minimalist pocket sculpture with tungsten carbide and stainless steel accents.  



The Vortex is a bead and miniature spin station! Designed to look exceptional on any keychain or lanyard, yet also functional with a concave face for spinning tops. Machined from titanium and Damascus titanium. 



We help brands develop new concepts, and re-amp current ones.