Single Stand - Carbon Fiber

Single Stand - Carbon Fiber

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Quick Facts

  • Wood and Carbon Fiber stands are identical in size.

  • Single and Triple stands are the same height and width.

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Design Notes

Our carbon fiber stands are machined from a solid block of carbon fiber, not a thin plate or a mold. Chances are, this is the thickest piece of carbon fiber you have ever come in contact with, except maybe if you have come in contact with a McLaren chassis… The stands will use matte finished carbon fiber.

The first picture is a render. The other pictures are on a 3D printed prototype. We are a bit behind schedule with carbon fiber production, but are confidant in a high quality end product. We will post an update on Kickstarter, and email anyone who ordered a carbon fiber stand as soon as we have pictures ready!

The size of the stand as shown is (1.8 in. x 1.8 in. x.35 in.). The height of the stand will stay at .35 in., however the stand might become .05-.1 inches smaller, but still remain square.