2 Pack Orbiforms

2 Pack Orbiforms


Each Orbiform is 1.4 in. (3.55 cm) in width. Stainless Steel weighs 161 g (5.67 oz.), Brass 159 g (5.96 oz.), and Copper 180 g (6.35 oz.)

Every Orbiform is a solid of constant width, and will measure 1.4 in. in all directions.

Please note, Copper and Brass are metals which patina over time (like a penny). If you want a metal which does not patina or change color over time, choose stainless steel.

Orders which require Steel Polish and Copper Satin orders will ship in early September.

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Design Notes

An Orbiform is an amazingly aesthetic and elegant desktop sculpture to add to any workspace. It is a great conversation piece, yet also meditative to roll around. Made from high quality materials and precision machined, the stylish Orbiform is a representation of where art and math meet.

An Orbiform is a little-known, unintuitive geometric shape, with fascinating mathematical properties. Orbiforms were unwittingly used by polymath Leonardo da Vinci in 1514, mathematically discovered by mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1771 and placed in application by engineer Franz Reuleaux in 1876

The Orbiform can roll like a sphere, even while having a point, an edge and not being a smooth curve. The main difference, is the center of mass of an Orbiform is not central like a sphere, so it won't continue rolling unless a force remains on it